Nigeria headed somewhere, not until the technological arrowhead was decapitated by our continually growing education system and a heavily wounded government. We have only advanced more as spectators to the world’s rapidly developing technologies and we are not responding as fast as we should.

What I am speaking about is evident in the gruesome underdevelopment ravaging our dear country Nigeria. The reasons are not far-fetched. But one I want to talk about: technical colleges have been sent packing.


Unlike the ceremonial technical colleges of today, there were technical colleges where young brains were groomed for tasks ahead. Passion flowed in the veins of teachers and students, hence their products were remarkable.

There were days in Nigeria when a graduate from Nigerian technical secondary schools could make machines and build so many amazing things; we had young inventors. But where are they today? They were not only left unharnessed but we have totally abandoned the solution to chase wind.

More worrisome has it become, that universities of technology admit students whose interests are not in changing the society through engineering and science, but students who want to work in oil firms and answer the “big” name, Engineer. It is not funny the way we have chosen to be damned in today’s global village.

The technical colleges should be revived, putting in place immense facilities and trusted administrations. Universities of technology should only admit students who have gone through technical colleges into engineering schools, most especially.

If Nigeria must be an inventive society, then we must live above trying to import every damn thing from the West, but make and patronize our own machines and equipment. Although there has been decline in the import rate in the past few years, but more still needs to be done. And this can only be possible if we begin to correct our mistakes from the younger ones, the vibrant brains.

On our journey to the top, we shall pass through trying times. But that should not deter us from going. We should keep aiming high and one day we’ll achieve our goals. Viva Nigeria! 🇳🇬

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