To get things right is your goal, right?

Then, do not be deceived that taking your business online is so easy, or that it is a bed of rose on which you can have all you want in your business.


As every step required in growing your business, going online comes with lots of challenges. But when you know these problems forehand, you will get prepared so that when they finally arrive, you will have loads of solutions to them.

We have carefully discussed in this post, the challenges of businesses when going online and how to win. You just have to read with good attention.

1. Competition

When you go online, you will realize that your competitor-base is broader than what you might have assumed. Today, many businesses are online because of the strings of advantages attached to it and so the competition is high.

Therefore, you will be faced with the challenge of competing with brands that have long-established relationships with your target audience and occupied high places on search engine results.

Wading through the crowd to secure your position at the top will not come easy. However, you should not slack.

How to win

  • Enter with a unique style that can disrupt the system but maintain the market goals
  • Be original with your contents
  • Speak the language your target audience will understand easily
  • Invest in user-experience
  • Be consistent

2. Creating quality contents

For new businesses especially those with poor financing, creating quality content could be difficult or rather expensive. But if you must reach your business targets online, you would have no option to create something worthy.

A popular cliché “content is king” clearly summarizes the importance of paying attention to your written words, videos, and images. The quality of these contents will determine whether you will succeed or fail.

Google, for example, can punish severely by hiding you from your audience, if you infringe on someone else’s copyright. The trust you have your audience has for you can also drop if all you do is to publish copied contents online.

How to win

  • Understand the types of contents that works best for your audience
  • Employ professionals to handle the creation
  • Invest time and money in creating quality contents
  • Research and have a backlog of content ideas so that your consistency will not drop

3. Customer service

It is true that going online can help your business grow when you do the right things. But it is also true that it increases your responsibilities.

Consider the fact that you have been exposed to a lot of customers and you will have to respond to their queries equally and in a quality manner.

If you fail this step, you are rather destroying your business. However, customer service can pose a huge challenge when businesses are going online, especially when you do not have enough hands to work with you.

How to win

The solution to this, we can say is not far-fetched. So will have to:

  • Build a good team around your business or simply employ social media managers.
  • Inculcate your corporate identity in your team so that they work in line with your business goals.

4. Retaining audience

On one side is building a credible audience and on the other side is growing and keeping the community. This sometimes is hard to do online because new competitors sprout every day with new, and sometimes better strategies.

But in-between this line, what determines whether your audience will totally leave you is the quality of products or service and even contents you have thrown at them over time.

So as you plan to take your business online, you must begin now to strategize on ways you will make your audience stick with you.

How to win

  • Ensure you render quality products and services
  • If you can, reach out to your audience privately via SMS, email, or phone
  • Engage them on your social media handles
  • Treat them as your priority by offering quality customer service

5. Cybercrime

The internet is very vulnerable to attacks and different sorts of crimes. So if you are taking your business online, prepare to wage war against hackers and other terrors of the internet.

Your accounts can be hacked or hijacked. It could be your money is stolen or the reputation you have built over years rubbed in the mud. You can also lose your business data.

Anyone on the internet is prone to this and so you must take precautions.

How to win

  • Update your systems regularly
  • Pay attention to the security of your hardware too
  • Back-up and configure your data every now and then
  • Encrypt your data
  • Make your team of aware of the need to be security conscious
  • Perform regular risk assessment
  • Purchase cyber-security insurance

6. Gaining trust

Another challenge you will also have to pass through when running your business online is the pains of building trust. It is rather more difficult now to gain the trust of people via the internet, especially because of rampant internet fraud.

Since your potential customers do not know you on a personal basis, they will be afraid to do business with you. Except for a few who might trust you based on the need to try you out, others will choose their regular brands.

Since this has become the case, you must work to earn their trust. It comes from being true to the promises of your business.

How to win

  • Respect your customers’ time
  • Stay true to your promises
  • Deliver when no one expects you to
  • Be consistent
  • Be attentive to your clients

7. Spotting mistakes

Yes, anyone can make mistakes. But what differentiates success from failure is the ability of success to identify what and where the mistakes are, and fix them.

If you are set for the internet, ensure you have the capacity to identify where your failures might come from. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to rise.

How to win

  • Work with real data and understand your customer’s demography and behavior.
  • Optimize your strategies with the results from your data.

The bottom line

You will surely face challenges growing your business online. But when you’re prepared for them, you will succeed more easily.

So, what other challenges did I not include here, those you have or are facing?

Dominicmario Ogodo

I am a freelance writer. With my years of writing and SEO experience, I will write you that superb blog copy that would have no other place on the internet than the first page of search results.


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