How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger

Chargers are very vital parts of laptops. Without your laptop charger, it could seem like your laptop can’t be charged but this post will help you with ways you could charge your laptop without a charger.

There are only a few ways to charge your laptop without a charger. They are:

  1. Charging laptop battery externally
  2. Charging the laptop using a USB
  3. Charging the laptop using a phone

Charging a laptop battery externally

It could become frustrating and challenging when you’re running low on battery power and you don’t have your charger with you or your charging port is bad. One of the solutions is to charge your laptop externally. We can do that in three ways:

Firstly, you check if the AC adapter is available in the battery of your laptop. If it is, you can then connect the charger directly to the adapter port of the laptop battery which charges it manually

Secondly, you can use an external battery charger that is compatible with your laptop model. Make sure to always check the battery specifications because batteries are made for different machines.

Thirdly, you can buy another battery that is compatible with your laptop so that you can use it so as not to run out of battery life and you can continue your work without any interruption.

Charging a laptop using a USB

Technological enhancements have brought about another way to charge laptops without the use of chargers. One of the many ways is the use of a USB port.

It is quite similar to charging a phone with a power bank. A laptop has different ports and they cannot all be used for charging purposes, some are used to transfer files, and so on.

The Type B and Type C ports are made available which enables the use of USB cable to charge laptops. The power banks used for laptops should be of higher power than the laptop battery to be useful because a power bank of lower power rating cannot charge a laptop.

The Type C port is used to connect the power bank to the laptop with the use of the USB cable. So one should try to keep a Type C USB cable and a laptop power bank handy to avoid being disturbed when working.

Charging a laptop using a phone

As phones can be charged by laptops so also can laptops be charged by phones. To do this your laptop must possess the Type C port that can be used to connect to the USB and the female port to support the Type C cable. Then you’ll need a Type C to Type C USB cord.

You first connect one of the ports of the USB to the laptop and the other to your phone. A menu will appear as it usually does when you connect your phone for charging.

Click on the menu that appeared and “select supply power to other connected device” and then your laptop begins to charge.

This method is not advisable because the two devices have different types of battery and since the battery of the laptop is bigger than that of a phone, this method has a very high chance of permanently destroying the battery of the phone.

However, this method should only used as a last resort.

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