Effective ways to prevent cockroaches

6 Effective Ways to Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Can anything be as annoying as cockroach infestation?

Maybe there is!

But dealing with unrepentant and fast-multiplying pests like roaches can be very frustrating.

They resist most techniques applied to keep them out. But the good news is that you can quickly get rid of these voracious insects through simple techniques.

You will only have to follow our secret and effective guidelines shared in this post.

So, scroll down to learn the six (6) effective ways to prevent cockroach infestations in your home.

1. Keep your house clean

The fastest way to attract roaches into your home is to keep it dirty. So, if you are not ready to entertain them, you must ensure absolute hygiene.

This would involve sweeping your house regularly and washing your dishes immediately after use.

Do not leave any leftover food overnight in your kitchen sink; dispose of it in the trash with lid.

You should also apply the discipline of eating in the dining room so that you don’t expose more areas of your house to the insect.

2. Store foods in sealed containers

Cockroaches can quickly pick-up signals from its surroundings using its antennae and sensory hairs called sensilla. However, they perceive open foods quickly.

Avoiding roach infestations would not only require keeping your house neat; you must not attract them faster by leaving your food and food materials open.

Since roaches can eat anything aside from glass and metallic containers, we advise you to keep the food in a glass or metal container with a lid.

3. Empty the trash more often

Rodents and pests like cockroaches are always on the lookout for the latest spot for a meal. Filled trash often resort to being the best dinner spot for these unwelcomed fellows.

They feast on disposed of foods and on whatever materials they can. You wouldn’t want to keep such arenas.

So, in and around your home, you would want to ensure that you empty the trash as often as possible to keep them away. This is an effective way of treating cockroach infestations.

4. Seal every crevice and blow their hideouts

Due to their body structure, roaches can penetrate the smallest crevice and live there comfortably. They would locate the most secret aspects of your home because they seek a warm area. And the tiny holes and cracks in your house provide them with these comfortable hideouts.

What you must do to keep cockroaches out is to seal up the cracks and holes on the wall and floor. Inspect the areas of the utility pipes to ensure they are intact.

In the same vein, remove all the hideouts including cardboards and old papers. Eliminate stuffy-dark areas in your house to blow their cover.

5. Apply insecticide

The hard truth is that roaches are stubborn pests, especially the German cockroaches.

This particular species is prolific in the sense it produces faster, adapt most quickly and resist many natural predators.

Also, these creatures thrive in secret or secluded areas where hands cannot get to them.

In such cases, an effective way to get rid of them is to use pesticides for cockroaches. It could be a spray, boric acid powder or a bait.

Spread the powder on areas they would crawl or apply the spray in their hideouts. You could exploit their feeding veracity by dropping baits.

6. Employ a pest professional

When you begin to observe some cockroach infestation warning signs like unusual odour, brown droppings, or brown eggs you should employ the services of a pest professional.

An exterminator will do the necessary evaluation and find out the best way to keep your home from cockroaches.

Perhaps you are unsure hence scared about the cost, you could search your local business directory to enquire from an expert.

The Bottom Line

Cockroaches could appear harmless but they can cause serious health problems.

They not only contaminate your food with bacteria but also leave behind allergens that could cause asthma, especially in children.

There are no better ways to tackle cockroach plague than applying these simple yet effective ways shared above.

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